Help and support


Thanks very much to Ibrahim for alerting me to the link not working. I have now corrected this – so once again, am  asking if anyone who has immigrated to the UK, would help by filling in the questionnaire

We want to develop this blog into a website and so to help us with this, we are doing some research. If you have immigrated to the UK,  it would be marvellous if you could spend 5 minutes filling in the survey here:

Or if you could pass it on to anyone who has, that would be great too. The survey is anonymous and all about helping us get it right.


One thought on “Help and support

  1. A Swedish colleague said to me she was shocked when she first came to this country and overheard someone being asked how she was. The answer given was “not too bad”. My Swedish colleague was worried as she thought this must mean that the person concerned was very ill and trying to put on a brave face.
    However, after that, she heard it quite a lot at work as something people sometimes say (often quite cheerfully!) when they are not ill at all, but perhaps working hard and maybe feeling a bit tired.


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