Shopping in and around London


Regent street


Some newcomers to the UK have told us that understanding the shops in the UK is tricky when you first get here so here Katya, who is Hungarian shares with us what she has learnt about the shops in London.

These are Katya’s recommendations, not those of But you will certainly get some ideas of where to go to get some good bargains and some fun shopping experiences from here.

Shopping or travelling in London


Asda (this supermarket has a big selection, you can find all the brands and prices are good)

Lidl (this supermarket is even cheaper than Asda but they just have their own brands)

Morrisons, Sainsburys. Tesco (the big stores are good but Sainsburys Local orTesco Express have a smaller selection of brands and prices can be a bit higher)


Superdrug or Boots (Superdrug often has some good deals)

Cheaper than the cheapest

Poundland (you can find here basically everything as toiletries, dishwasher tablets, sweets, everything that you can imagine and even what you can’t imagine.


Oxford Street is the best place for shopping if the weather is good as you can find almost every brand, also same brands have more shops so if they run out of your size, you have a good chance to find it in another 4 or 5 other shops

Westfield Shepherds Bush or Stratford (Stratford is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe)

Harrods,  you can find the most exclusive brands here. Harrods is a luxury department store located in Knightsbridge, London and its always an experience to go there

Shopping outside of London near Oxford – go to Bicester Village (this is a luxury, village style shopping area showcasing leading fashion brands and at discounted prices)


Travel in London with your contactless bank card (use it with a trust and confidence as it doesn’t cost more than travelling with your Oyster card, your Oyster card is prepaid, using your contactless bank card, the money is deducted as you travel from your bank account.

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