Support TogetherintheUK’s Aviva Community Fundraising bid!

Supporting TogetherintheUK

Vote for us! We need 1000+ votes from you, our supporters and followers

No, this is not a referendum or for a political party – your vote is about supporting a good cause and you can help TogetherintheUK make films and run events such as Career support that help newcomers to the UK find out about life here. Our purpose is to share helpful insights and useful information from people who have once immigrated here about life in the UK, through events and youtube videos.

Make your #10 Votes count. Voting starts on the 24th October and Closes on 21st November 2017

How to vote: Go to the Aviva Community Fund website – Click here!

You have up to ten votes which you can use whichever way you want. Of course we hope you support us with all your votes!

Find out more about us at Thank you for your support and vote!

Please also follow us and like us on Facebook and Twitter if you could, it would mean a great deal to us and the people we serve.


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