The art scene in the UK


IMG_2806At TogetherintheUK, we aim to show different aspects of life in the UK and one of the very joyful aspects is the arts scene. Many towns have their own art galleries, often either giving an insight into history or showing some fantastic, modern art.  In this blog, Kosta shares his excitement at coming across some radical art at the Protein Gallery in Shoreditch, London.


Riot, Riot!IMG_2796

Last weekend we were lucky to stumble on an amazing exhibition called Riot! Riot! Riot! ,which was curated by Sophia Tassew (@manlikesophia) and backed by Asos Supports Talent. The exhibition was focused on intersectional feminism, sexuality, culture and freedom. There, you could find exhibits by artists such as Joy Miessi (@joymiessi)  who translates moments, feelings, conversations and intimate thoughts into visual pieces, Rene Matic (@bad_gal_rene) who explores themes such sexuality and race through her art as well as Hannah Hill who goes by the name Hanecdote (@hancdote) who specialises in embroidery that looks at race, feminism and grime music.


Apart from the art exhibition, you could also find magazines that explore and celebrate women sports, to femininity within the Middle Eastern Culture as well as magazines solely created by women of colour.  One of these magazines are Gal-dem , by a creative collective of women of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour which explores topics such as politics, music, arts and fashion through articles and photos. Another magazine available was PUSH magazine which introduces several new UK artists such as House of Pharaohs and Reid as well as older ones like Donae’o.



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